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Pampered  Pregnancy

Happy. Healthy, and Beautiful

60 min and 90 min Massages


Prenatal Relaxation


Swedish massage with acupressure infused , similar to shiatsu. May be used in pregnancy or postpartum. 90 minutes recommended .

Prenatal Thai Massage 

$400 - 90m

Prenatal Thai Massage is a healing system that nourishes moms-to-be as their bodies prepare for childbirth. It combines the mindful movements of yoga with the nurturing touch of massage. Thai Massage is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine. It has roots in hatha yoga, Theravada Buddhism, indigenous Thai healing practices, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda. The techniques include compressions with hands and feet, forearm rolling, thumb pressure, stretching, and joint movements.

De Swell- Lymphatic Massage 


Manual lymphatic massage (MLD) is a very gentle form of massage to help with water retention (also known as oedema) and to assist in the body’s natural detoxification process and clear away toxins.

It is ideal for those needing gentle handling, whether pregnant or for postnatal conditions. Depending on the condition, treatment can be whole body or localized to area needed.

Maternity Reflexology 


maternity reflexology helps support the new momma in many ways. an overall favorite for receivers versed on benefits such as hormonal balance, circulation, , detoxification and rest. maternity reflexology leaves mommy rested and baby nourished with fresh oxygenated blood.

Pregnancy Packages


Signature prenatal Massage 

Package of 4 - 60 min sessions


In-home prenatal massage with reflexology -60 min each. Chooses any of our 60 min prenatal services except specialty ones. Good throughout pregnancy and may be used postpartum. ($30.00 off)

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Wellness 8 Package

Package of 8 - 60 min sessions


Eight - 90 min prenatal massages may be used during the entire pregnancy, for labor induction and postpartum. Any of our prenatal massage services may be chosen including specialty. The package comes with a FREE infant massage class. ($200.00 off)

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Trimesters Package


Enjoy taking care of yourself as you nurture a new life. Choose any style pre/postnatal massage for our twice-monthly - 90 min massage/ service of your choice. This is our most pampered package. We bring our 90 min rate down by $25 a session to keep relaxation and movement doable. 20 massages just for you and your growing baby including postpartum healing as well.


This package includes:

  • Complimentary labor induction services upgrade at the same rate if needed.

  • Complimentary infant massage class ($190 value)

  • Complimentary Couples massage for birth in-home instruction ($250 value )

  • Complimentary lactation consultant consultation ( $150 value)

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