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The Sacral Chakra and Fertility~ Releasing Energetic blocks

Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of state of the soul’s weather.” ~Martha Graham

Chakras are spiritual centers or energy centers within the human body. There are seven chakras in the body, and each one of them corresponds to a different area. For example, the chakra that is associated with the reproductive area is known as the Swadhisthana chakra. It is oftentimes referred to as the sacral chakra, is located just below your navel and is your chakra of water.

Having roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, the belief is that when chakras become out of balance there is a blockage or possibly it has become overactive or underactive. This can result in different physical, mental, and emotional challenges. There are certain things that you can do to increase the energy flow of your chakras and help to bring them back into balance. One of these is to focus on the colors that go along with each chakra. For the Swadhisthana chakra the color is orange, and the gemstone associated with it is Carnelian which is an orangey-rust color. To keep it easy, just remember that orange is for fertility! It is said that by becoming ‘in tune’ with the sacral chakra by exercising, through yoga poses, these energy blockages can become opened and may increase the chances of conception. There are many simple poses to strengthen the pelvic region and the sacral chakra. As this charka is a water element it is important to keep plenty of water flowing through your system. (Drinking water has been linked to an increase in Cervical mucus.) It also helps to add visualization to the process of the movement for further benefit. For example, visualize the color orange, wearing the healing carnelian gemstone, and imagining your reproductive organs becoming fertile while saying positive affirmations to yourself either out loud or to yourself such as, “I am fertile”.

The Yoni mudra (an upside down triangle) is a symbol of female fertility in the Hindu religion. It helps us get in touch with our divine feminine energy.

The word Yoni means womb or source.

To add the Yoni mudra into your fertility practice, you can create the upside-down triangle with your hands and gently lay them on your belly as you lay down on your back.

This is a nice practice to do before you fall asleep at night as a means of relaxation and to encourage your body to become a home for your baby-to-be.

For more information on energetic fertility attunements call Mommy to be Wellness. To experience this Reike energy for fertility work check out our services page!

Mind- Body- Soul- Baby :)

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